What is the Box?

Hobbies shouldn’t be hard, and the Box makes it easy!


What is the Box?

The Box is a useful tool that grants you convenience and complete control over your online shopping experience at Archonia.US.

Using the Box allows you to:

  • Ship-Now: add preorder, backorder and in-stock items to your Box and decide when to ship everything that is in-stock. No need to wait for all preorder items of an order to arrive at our warehouse before they can ship. Ship items whenever is most convenient for you.
  • Auto-Ship: automatically ship all in-stock items in your Box every month.
  • Add an in-stock item now and have it ship up to a month later so it is combined with all preorder items that came in stock in the meantime to save money on shipping.
  • Add some more in-stock items before you Ship-Now to save money on shipping.

We created our order management system, the Box, as a way to help you manage your backorders and preorders and streamline your shopping experience at Archonia.US, after listening to the feedback of our valuable customers.


How to start using the Box

While in the cart, there is an option to select to put items into your Box instead of placing a regular order.


The first step is to configure some parameters of your Box:

  1. Box address: this is the address where your in-stock items will be shipped. You can select an existing address from your address-book or add a new address.
  2. Box payment method: this is the card we will charge to pay for your in-stock items. You can select an existing card from your wallet or add a new card.
  3. Box delivery service: this is the delivery service used to ship your order (currently only Standard Shipping can be selected)

After your box is setup, it will look like this:



Add items to your Box

 After configuring your Box, your basket will show the option to add items to your Box:


In the next step, you can select which items from your basket have to be placed as a Box order (by default, every item is selected):


Note that the order total does not include shipping and sales tax. This will be calculated when your in-stock items are ready to shipped.


Next shipment

You can see what will be in your next shipment by clicking Next shipment on the Box page:


After clicking Ship items now (also known as Ship-Now), you will see the shipping cost and sales tax calculation. You will then be asked to confirm your shipment by clicking Pay and ship now


Backorders and preorders

 You can see which items have not yet arrived in our warehouse by clicking Pending on the Box page: 


You can view the estimated release date and product totals.



  1. What is Ship-Now?
    Ship-Now means having us ship all the items that are currently in-stock (shown under Next Shipment). When you Ship-Now, the shipping cost and sales tax are calculated and your Box payment method will be charged for the total amount.
    It happens when you click the Ship items now button on the Next shipment page and in a second step click Pay and ship now.
  2. What is Auto-Ship?
    If you never Ship-Now, we will automatically ship your in-stock items (if any) every 30 days (more or less). The date when this happens is shown on your box settings as Next box day. Every time you Ship-Now or Auto-Ship, the Next box day is reset.
  3. What is shown under Next shipment?
    Next shipment shows all your in-stock Box items.
  4. What is shown under Pending items?
    Pending shows all your out-of-stock Box items (preorders and backorders that haven't arrived at our warehouse yet).
  5. When will I be charged?
    You will be charged when you Ship-Now or Auto-Ship.
  6. Can I add in-stock items to my box?
    Yes you can. Doing this will allow you to ship in-stock items along with preorder items that have arrived to our warehouse or if you want to place an order for an in-stock item and reserve it but don’t want to ship it immediately to save money on shipping.
  7. If I put an item into my Box, would I automatically be charged?
    No. You will only be charged after you Ship-Now or if Auto-Ship kicks in.
  8. Is there an option to pre-pay?
    No. You can only be charged after you Ship-Now or if Auto-Ship kicks in.
  9. If I cancel my items in the box, will I be charged?
    No. If you cancel your items, you will not be charged for the cancelled items. Note that frequent cancellations might result in the Box feature becoming disabled for your account.
  10. Can I cancel as often as I'd like?
    No. If you frequently cancel items, the Box feature will be disabled for your account (especially if the amount of cancelled items is higher than the amount of shipped items on your account).
    Every time you order items, we place orders at vendors. If you cancel, we usually cannot cancel the order we placed at these vendors. Depending on the popularity of the item, it might take a long time to sell these cancelled items or we might never be able to sell it again. If you have to cancel, please do it as soon as possible.
  11. Do I have to pay extra to use this service?
    No. The box feature is 100% free to use and for your convenience
  12. Is the Box going to replace the standard cart?
    No. The Box feature is completely optional and is only meant to give you the freedom to manage preorders and backorder orders and reduce your shipping costs.
  13. What will be the shipping cost?
    Our shipping cost is calculated based on distance and weight. The closer you are to California, the lower the shipping cost (sorry New York). Shipping cost savings start to happen when you order 3 or more POPs.