Dear Archonia.US  customers,

First off, we at Archonia.US want to take the time to properly thank you for supporting our shop in the past and even in these difficult times. We truly do appreciate the support over the years and look forward to serving you for many more. As Covid-19 continues to impact our everyday lives, we hope each and everyone of you is safe and healthy. Please stay at home as much as possible for your own safety and your loved ones. When you’re unable to be at home, take necessary precautions to ensure your well-being such as washing your hands with HOT water and soap, use hand sanitizer, maintain social distancing space (stay 6 feet apart from others), and other recommended actions from health professionals.

Our goal is to stay open as long as possible to provide our valued-customers the top-quality service they expect from Archonia.US and ensure financial stability for our employees. 

With the ever-changing situation regarding Covid-19 aka Coronavirus, we have adjusted our work practices to meet standards of safety for our valued customers and our workers.

Examples of how we changed our daily practices:

  • Limiting the amount of workers processing and packaging orders (in person) so our workers have enough space to uphold social distancing regulations (standing 6 feet apart) 
  • Any employee that exhibits signs of flu/cold symptoms will be asked not to come to work. Doing this allows us to lessen and or remove the possibility of transmission. 
  • Regardless of the limit of people we have processing and packaging our orders in person, we offer our workers the opportunity to work remotely from home when they are not scheduled to package. This way we ensure safety and financial stability for our workers. We understand how finances are difficult at this time for everyone. Thus we ARE NOT taking away our employees’ source of income. At Archonia.US we wholeheartedly believe in treating our employees with the care and respect they deserve in and out of the workplace, including their financial obligations. 
  • Continuing to maintain cleanliness standards by having cleaning supplies such as hand soap and sanitizer readily available for workers. Furthermore, we offer gloves for our workers to use when packaging deliveries. 

As stated before, with the constantly changing nature of the situation, we will continue to make adjustments in our practices to meeting government instructions and to ensure the safety of our valued customers and employees.