Package grading

Graded items

For most graded items (Funko 3.75'' POP figures), we provide the option to pick [Standard] or [Collector] grade.


Standard Grade

Most items we offer are in Standard Grade condition. They are new but the packaging may have minor issues such as small dents, creases and scrapes (we only check for very noticeable defects). This grade is still suitable for displaying the item in its package but may not meet the quality a serious in-box collector expects.

Standard Grade items are marked as [STANDARD].

Collector's Grade

For some items we offer the option to select Collector's Grade. Collector's Grade is for in-box collectors who want the item's packaging to be near to mint as possible. Collector's Grade items are placed in a protector box (specifically for Funko POP figures, the items are stored in a 0.5 mm plastic POP protector), and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box. Our mint guarantee is that we try to send you an item that is as mint as possible. Note that "mint" is a subjective term that various from buyer to buyer.

Collector's Grade items are marked as [COLLECTOR].

Sub-Standard Grade

Items marked as Sub-Standard Grade have very noticeable defects on the packaging. They are typically not suitable to be displayed in their packaging but are a great choice for out-of-box collectors as the items themselves are still new.

Sub-Standard Grade items are marked as [SUB-STANDARD].


  1. What do you mean with "marked"?
    A "marked" item is an item that has [SUB-STANDARD], [STANDARD] or [COLLECTOR] in the name.