Dropshipping policy

We do not accept dropshipping orders.

There are several reasons why we do not accept these kind or orders.

  • Items on our website are sold directly to consumers under the Archonia brand. When consumers buy from Company ABC and receive a package from Archonia, they might think we are affiliated with Company ABC. Under no circumstances do we want our customers to think we are affiliated with some unknown Company ABC.
  • If a package is damaged or missing, we want to communicate with the buyer that received the package. However, we can't communicate with the buyer because we don't have a contract with him or her. We don't even know under what terms the order was made. The result will be that we can't provide any support in this situation.

If we suspect dropshipping activity on your account, we will kindly inquire about it. It is in your best interest to be honest about it. If you are using us for dropshipping, please stop immediately. We will close any account that does not adhere to our terms and policies.