Vegito FAQ Page

1) How do I get access to my account to check my order?

Enter your email address here:

You will get an email with a reset-password link (the link expires 1 hour after sending).

2) I didn't get an order confirmation email.

Unfortunately we experienced a configuration issue in our email system last week, which caused a lot of confusion. The issue was fixed and the previously unsent order confirmation emails were delivered with some delay on Wednesday or Thursday. It could be in your spam folder. If you can't find it, you can always login to your Archonia.US account and check the current status of your order.

3) Why is my PayPal payment "pending"?

Your payment status is pending because we haven't charged your PayPal yet (when you place your order, you "tell" PayPal you are allowing us to withdraw up to the total order amount within 30 days). Because the Vegito is a pre-order, we are waiting a few weeks to charge your PayPal (so we are closer to the release date). However, if you want us to withdraw the money & charge you now, send an email to If not, you'll see a charge attempt mid-October.

4) Am I sure to get my Vegito POP figure?

We did not oversell on Vegito POP figures so barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will have enough to fill every order. There are still some unpaid orders in our system so you might want to login to make sure your order is paid. We are not yet canceling any unpaid orders but we will eventually.

5) Are you going to restock the Vegito POP figure?

We stopped taking pre-orders for the Vegito POP figure because we sold out our allocated amount. Please email to be added to our Vegito email waitlist. If we restock, we'll send a one-time email to this list (and no other emails).


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