Gotenks FAQ page

1) I want to access my account but I think I forgot my password or I never set a password, what do I do?

Enter your email address here:

After a few minutes, you will get an email with a reset-password link (the link expires 1 hour after sending).

2) When will my Gotenks figure ship?

Our best estimated in-stock date at the moment is July 2019, but if anything changes, we will let you guys know.

3) When will you charge me?

If you paid with credit card, you have already been charged.

If you paid with Paypal, we charge within 30 days. With pre-orders, we are waiting a few weeks to charge your PayPal (so we are closer to the release date). However, if you want us to withdraw the money & charge you now, send an email to

4) What’s the difference between Collector’s Shipping, USPS First-Class Shipping and USPS Priority Shipping?

USPS First-Class and USPS Priority shipping refers to the USPS service we use to send you your items. USPS First-Class is only available for orders that weigh less than 1 pound and is slightly slower than USPS Priority.

Collector's Shipping refers to our new option available for some POPs, which means that we will protect your figures in plastic POP protector cases when we ship them (still using USPS First-Class or USPS Priority depending on the weight).

5) How do you package Funko POP figures?

Standard Packaging:

All of our Funko POPs are new in mint or near-mint condition. We package them with extra care due to their collectible nature. We wrap them in butcher paper, making sure to use excess paper which provides for extra padding around the sides and corners. After wrapping, we put them in sturdy corrugated boxes to avoid any damage that might occur during shipping. 

Collector's Shipping Packaging:

If you selected the Collector's Shipping option for your order, you can expect your figures to come protected in a plastic protector case. So if you ordered 2 Gotenks figures with this option, they will both arrive securely packaged individually into plastic protector cases.

6) How do I cancel my order?

Need to cancel an order? No problem. Just email our customer support at and we will cancel it for you.

7) How do you calculate shipping prices? 

We ship all of our packages via USPS and there has been a recent price increase in their shipping fees, which take effect soon (long before the Gotenks ships). We know this is a bummer but we want you guys to know that our shipping costs are an estimate of what we have to pay USPS. That is why our shipping price depends on your delivery address ZIP code.

8) When will Gotenks be back on sale?

Our waitlist has been closed.

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